About Us

Exclusively Indian Digital Shop

TheDigiMart.com is a pure Indian store that sells digital content at a very low price.  At TheDigiMart, we provide an integrated, end-to-end online store for both corporate and individual in India.

Our unique, path-breaking digital product reselling and distribution model offers an unparalleled, highly effective, and convenient experience for our customers to buy software products online.


Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to provide a platform for Indian authors, designers, artists, and developers to promote their work and also to provide digital content to end-users at a very reasonable price in India.  


Our mission is to become an enabler and catalyst towards a positive change in the digital content distribution model by Indian in India.


Simple and Secure

Shopping process is simple and secure from searching product to payment and download.

Overall Growth

You can contribute to the overall growth of local professionals by purchasing their products.

Shop by Category

Products can be browsed by their respective Category in the shop page of website.

Women Empowerment

We encourages women professionals by promoting their creativity.

Discount and Sale

Discount on certain products are offered in form of periodic sale on various items.

Focus on Education

Our main emphasis is providing educational material in form of digital format.